Nothing makes us prouder than receiving positive feedback from our clients. The following statements are only a few examples.


S. Glaza from Decker, Michigan:
"I received the hair topper today, I must say I am beyond pleased! I so appreciate the excellent customer service! I can't wait to show it off, looking forward to people asking me questions and then I can give them your email address."

B. Tackett from Markle, Indiana: 
I have purchased a hairpiece from you before and want to see if you have my color in different styles.  If so, please hold them.  "I will be there this morning.  Thank you so much you're the best."

M. Kohlmeyer from Fowler, Michigan:
"Hello - I'm writing because I came to the Women's Expo at the Lansing Center on Feb. 6, 2015.  I came to your booth to show you how wonderful my wig looked after owning it for 3 years.  I was wearing it at the time & you were very happy to see your product still looking as beautiful as the day I bought it 3 years ago at the same Women's Expo.  I don't wear it real often, and I've only had to wash it once, with your shampoo I purchased at the same time.  Whenever I do wear it, especially the first time, none of my close family or friends knew it was a wig.  I let them all think for several weeks it was my hair, until I couldn't stand it anymore & had to tell them cause I wanted to see their faces when I told them it was a wig.  They sure were surprised at how nice it blended in & the fact that I didn't have to pin it down.  It holds in place so very well, that I'm amazed, especially when I'm outside & it's very windy out.  I love it, and thinking maybe next year I'll look at buying another one.  I would recommend this company to anyone!!!  I also wanted to say that the service I received 3 years ago was amazing as well.  Very thoughtful & informative on the care, styling of their products.  It was so nice to see the same people there, and the gentleman even took my picture! :D."

D. DesMarais-Fearn from Mount Clemens, Michigan:
"I would just like to thank you so very much for your kind and caring service.
After losing my hair to chemo treatment I was becoming a little discouraged about finding a wig that looked natural and felt good. We came to your booth in Mt.Pleasant, MI - Soaring Eagle and you were so very helpful. You made me feel very good about myself and how I looked and taught me a lot about how to ware and take care of the wig. And Your prices were very fair and the quality of my new wig is amazing.....It Does Not Look Like A Wig!!
Thank You So Very Much!!"

D. Dietze from Frankfort, Illnois:
"Love EuniWave products!!!  Gave me so much confidence back because I had thin hair and was very embarrassed."

J. Babbitt from Hammond, Indiana:
"Hi! I bought a top hair piece for height...   Thanks!!!  I have had more compliments on this along with the hair piece for the back of my hair.  I LOVE the clip you told me to buy - I have worn it everyday since the blueberry fest.  Going to wear it out!  Thank you."

J.D. from South Heaven, Michigan:
"EuniWave is a great hair place and has wonderful staff to work with.  If you have any trouble working with your hair, I recommend you stop in and see what they will do for you."

Lynn R. from Linwood, Michigan:                                                                    
"I have six styles from EuniWave that I wear regularly.  I receive so many compliments while wearing my styles and even my co-workers can't believe my new look! Thank you Eunice! I'm having so much fun!"        

Mary N. from Warren, Michigan:                                                                      
"I love my top hairpiece.  It is light and covers my bold spots.  Love it!" 

I.Y. from Ravenna, Michigan:                                                                        
"This hairpiece really makes me feel confident.  Most people don't even know I have Eunice's hairpiece on.  It has been a real blessing."

Beth O. from Mishawaka, Indiana:                                                                   
"I feel so much better after I have been in to see Eunice and bought three of her wigs.  She is so good at helping me to pick out what looks good on me.  I would recommend her to all my friends!"

S.J. from Elkhart, Indiana:
"I was nervous coming in for the first time, but Eunice put me right at ease. She had lots of patience and made great choices for me to try. I love the two pieces I bought. Thank you."           

T.A. from Saginaw, Michigan:
"Hi Eunice. You are the best! I was at the salon on Wednesday and gave them your information and let them know when/where you will be in the coming weeks as they are excited to pass the information to clients. I love the extension that I purchased and look forward to the new top piece.    Would it be possible to ship the top piece? I would drive to Lansing if necessary (96 miles) but it would only be to see you. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much for all your effort!!"

J.S. from Hamilton, Indiana:
"Eunice's product makes it so easy for me to just clip and go.  Product and service are outstanding."

D.O. from Jonesboro, Indiana:
"I love Eunice's wigs!  I am a cosmotologist who have never seen wigs as nice as Eunice's products.  They are so comfortable and natural looking.  I have had more compliments since I started wearing the wigs from Eunice.  I wear a wig every day and really feel great!"

P.D. from Kokomo, Indiana:
"Many people have complimented me about how good my hair looks!  The hair piece makes me look and feel more elegant."

C.A from Valparaiso,  Indiana:
My hair was thinning on top and I was very self-conscious. I couldn't find a piece that looked natural and was in my price range. Then I met Eunice at Shipshewana on the Road in Valparaiso. I found the perfect piece at a reasonable price. Strangers stop and compliment me on my hair. Now I email Eunice every time she is going to be in the area and she brings my favorite piece for me. What great caring customer service!

K.B. from Lakesvillage, Indiana:
"I've been purchasing from Eunice for three years now and I'm very pleased with the quality of product and the great customer service.  The hair pieces look very natural.  On several occassions people have approached me, telling me how much they love my hair and they are always surprised when I tell them it's not my own." 

J.D. from Cadillac, Michigan:
"I have severe hypothyroidism and am balding on the top of my head.  I was very self-conscious about it and used a lot of sprays to make it look "filled in."  I never bought a hairpiece before because they were always so expensive.  Ever since I bought my hairpiece from you, I am so much happier and don't have to use those products anymore, and it is very reasonably priced.  No one can tell I'm wearing it.  It is very easy to care for and I wear it all day, in the wind, outside, everywhere!  I LOVE IT!"

J.S. from Goshen, Indiana:
"Eunice has always been very caring and professional in her work.  I would highly recommend her for anyone needing help in this area.  I've known her for a number of years and she has been very reliable.  I wish her luck in her new place of business!"

B.H. from Brevard, North Carolina:
"I am 86 years old.  With only a lock of my hair, you managed to send me a perfect match.  Thank you for the quick and personal service."

L.W. from Grand Rapids, Michigan:
"My wiglet is one thing I never leave home without!  Thank you, Eunice, for giving me a perfect match.  It still looks like new after almost a year!"

C.S. from Bay City, Michigan:
"I started using wigs from Eunice several years ago.  They are a perfect fit.  After a wash, all you have to do is give it a shake and it's back to what it always looked like.  They do last a long time."