In 2002, after being unable to find new ways to elegantly fashion and style her own hair, Eunice Park began searching for alternatives to enhance her own appearance. Over the years, her journey has taken her all across America. Today, her vast knowledge and beauty techniques are ready to be shared through EuniWave. Since its inception, EuniWave has blossomed into a source of renewed confidence that serves to enhance the natural beauty of women of all ages.

We are deļ¬ned by our insistence on beauty products that provides an unparalleled user experience from start to finish. Every strand of hair from EuniWave is designed and crafted with the intent of offering classic, innovative, and quality products. That mindset, along with our execution, has allowed EuniWave to grow into the profitable business it is today.

Remember, you are perfect, just the way you are. But if you need a boost, desire a new look, and want expert advice, Euniwave is the place for you.



Eunice Park is the founder of EuniWave - a beauty-centric service for women that she started over 10 years ago. EuniWave seeks to become a resource for natural beauty, enabling expression and creativity for customers that it currently serves. As EuniWave's strategic leader, she is responsible for all product design and communications decisions. Eunice is initially responsible for much of the business development, financial management, and customer service behind the EuniWave company.